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The most realistic approach to understanding your best friend. let me show you how to see the world through your dogs eyes.

A well-trained dog offers you and your family many years of enjoyment, companionship, and shared pleasure. Southern K-9 Training Solutions program goes beyond the regular dog training of "heel", Sit", "Stay" and "Come", and provides you with an overall obedient attitude from your dog. The positive effects of properly educating the dog and their owner are endlessly rewarding. Southern K-9 Training Solutions provides the best dog - owner education available.



Southern K-9 Training Solutions focuses on the natural order, or pack order that your dog expects from you. We teach you how to fit into that order, as well as how to be the leader of that pack. We use no food treats, pinch chain, shock collars, or any other gadgets or tricks. Our approach focuses on teaching you, and your family how to provide the leadership that your best friend wants and needs, to be a happy, well-adjusted member of your pack.

Some typical behavior problems that your dog may have include housebreaking, barking, chewing, digging, car chasing, fighting, turning over garbage cans, jumping on people, pulling, wandering away from home and jumping on furniture, Southern K-9 Training Solutions approach to behavior modification can solve these problems.


Professional Dog Training 

At Southern K-9 Training Solutions we offer a variety of services for dogs of All Sizes, Ages, & Breeds in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, & Louisiana


"It's not just dog training... it's education for you and your best friend!"

To be quite honest, after many years, and thousands of dogs, training the dog is the easy part. The most challenging part is teaching the dog owners. In order to help you be a successful leader to your dog, we have to teach you how to see the world through your dog's eyes, show you how your dog thinks, and give you a way to interact with your dog that is easy for them to understand. Southern K-9 Training Solutions approach makes traditional "dog training" obsolete.

Having a positive way to communicate with your best friend eliminates confusion and stress and promotes long lasting relationships. Southern K-9 Training Solutions can help you create that relationship. Call today for a free telephone consultation and be on your way to the best friend you will ever have.

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Dog Training Services

To improve your dog’s behavior, both you and your dog need to be educated. We can help!

Dog Training Classes Alabama by Southern K-9 Training Solutions
Dog Training Alabama by Southern K-9 Training Solutions
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Giving your family the confidence and leadership your dog needs 

Problem Solving & Aggressiveness

Defensive home guardian levels protecting both indoor and outdoor areas

All Sizes, Ages, & Breeds Welcome! 

Wendy Solomon

"David is a true dog
whisperer. He had our two
English cream golden re..."

Chris Kaiser

"A great dog trainer and a
great experience for me
and my dog Niko!!!! Dav..."

Angelo Fermo

"We just had our second
GSD trained at Southern
K-9. David is like the dog..."

Meet the Trainer

Longest-running professional in the state

David B. Jones

David B. Jones, the owner and a professional dog trainer of Southern K-9 Training Solutions in Fairhope, Alabama. And has been excelling in his field for over 35 years. His comprehensive dog training services are aimed at helping dogs and their owners lead better lives together. Mr. Jones regularly conducts classes for owners of dogs of all sizes, teaching them how to train their pets to express love and protection in a safe and controlled manner.

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